Friday, February 12, 2010

Medieval cothing

Here is my green dress. I dyed the fabric, muslin in an olive green but didn't leave it in long enough I guess. I do like the soft spring green color so no biggy. It's all one piece, the sleeves and under-skirt are sewn into the green. It zips up the back, not very medieval I know but hey if those girls could have used them they would have. Anyway the next one piece I'll leave out the zipper and make it more historically right.

This was taken in my back yard.

On a side note that's my late kitty Tigger.

This is at our wonderful Great Lakes Medieval Faire.

Here is one of my old stand bys for my faire. Pink skirt with white chemise and green bodice. All made by me. I tend to make the same patterns of this outfit in different colors.
I use muslin for my chemise, it gets very hot at the faire. Broadcloth for the skirt, and a quilting fabric for the bodice.
I have yet to reach out in the richer fabrics for my grab.

Why am I here?

Ok I'm back after cleaning my house. You'll hear alot about me cleaning and taking care of my sister's kids. Boring as that sounds the other thing I mainly wanted this blog for is to show case more of my craftyness........ with pics and what not. So if this all works out like I think it will... good. If not damn it all to hell.

Well here I am at last!

Started this blog so people could see what I create and what I think. Yes, very excitited. So if for some reason it looks like I don't know what I'm doing here you're right. It will take a while for me to get the real hang of this, so til then you get this.