Monday, March 29, 2010

My house....

I hate the people in my house right now. Nothing new to anyone who lives with their parents still, and has many brothers and a crappy sister sister living there as well.

The reason I post this here is because I'm at the local library, my youngest brother and the crappy sister are online at the house. I can't do anything else including craft because her children are taking up the table where I craft. If I say anything to them, like go play in your room I'm the bad guy. If I don't hurry and get something they really don't need, like ice cream before dinner I'm the bad guy again. I can never win. And half the other times I do get them something to drink or a snack I get yelled at by her. They ask her for something, anything!
She didn't say anything, or yells at them that she's busy and they come to me. I get them crackers, not many. Nothing that would ruin their dinner. Besides I knew she was off her behind and cleaning something. The first time in weeks. No joke......

And the 'best' was the other day. I'm still not talking to her if I can help it.
They all were getting their underwear in a bunch cause they didn't know what our mom wanted for dinner. FYI if we don't find out she gets mad claiming that she just needed us to ask her. She sleeps during the day cause she works graveyard. Sorry for letting you get sleep mom. No really next time I'll keep waking you up for every one's little questions. See how nice it feels when you don't get any sleep?........
Well I go to get dinner, nothing big, chicken patty's with tater tots. I walk to the corner store and get them. I start cooking cause if we left it to my sister we would still be waiting the next day.
So I tell her I'm only cooking half the bag of taters. Why? Cause the kids say they hungry and only them. No one else is really in the mood to eat yet, I'm not in the mood to waste food. She says that our brother Steve, is here. I say I don't care. She gets pissed off and starts to clean but in the angry way of cleaning. We all know that way of cleaning. I ask her if it was the I don't care about Steve, that pissed her off. Yes, cause he's cooked stuff for you, I've seen him do it. I told her fine, but remember this conversation when you notice something missing from the house.

Ok right there you are thinking yea you are mean. Why would you not care about him after he's cooked or done that for you as a favor.

I cooked them all. And was in a bad mood because of it.

There ya go people........

He has stolen countless I'm talking countless...I'm going to be thirty soon there, and he's only three years younger then me. Since about he was 11, he's been stealing money and jewelry, CD's, movies.
Hang in there with me on this. It has gone as far as him stealing prescription pain killers from my mother, and me the other day! FYI mom, my stepfather, and myself were in a car crash last year. We are on pain killers. I'm getting better, but still need them. Wish I didn't, would make me much happier. He's been stealing money so we can't make the rent payments to the landlord. My sister has kids, for whom we buy movies for........ little boy and girl movies, you know the Disney Cars, and Princess ones..... Well they seem to leave the house a couple weeks after we buy them.
I used to be ended, a good thing for us both. Well he had bought me some very nice, and very real jewelry. All stolen.... IT's to the point that if it's not hidden in your rectum it's going to end up in a pawn shop, or used for a trade to get drugs.

Oh and he also took my sisters IPOD, and my younger brothers too. They were all in my room.
My room has the only inner house lock. So all movies, jewelry, gaming systems, shaving systems 'yes those to', are in my room. This has been the way for over six years now.

How does he get in the room if it's locked. Well I'm so glad you asked. My mom and I are the only ones that have keys....that I know of. He couldn't have gotten hers and made a copy. She's lost hers a couple times. For days, then they somehow just show up. And no not looking under the mail on the PC desk. On top of everything after we've torn the place up looking for them. You can think it's nothing I think I know better.
When were all awake, I sometimes leave my house. Big shocker to some people I do. If she's awake while I'm gone, she may leave it unlocked because there are enough people to watch the room. To make sure he doesn't go in it without me or my mother there. Sound stupid? It is.....

So I'm thinking he just takes movies off the top of the pile, as well as CDs that are out. But then there's this little thing about the credit card. You all know how they are used to break into a house? Same deal here. And I know he's quiet enough if I'm sleeping. I know what things look like when I go to bed. When I wake up things are moved. Not big things, but the little things that you won't give another thought to. Well put them there just to see. Yep, he gets in somehow......

My rant is that I'm mad at her for sticking up for him, when she gets mad at him for stealing her stuff too!!!! Anyone does that make sense? Tell me please am I missing something here? I'm asking please comment and leave me anything, tell me what you think.

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