Monday, March 29, 2010

And now for something completely different!

Thank you to anyone who reads and comments on my house.

As for the other side of life, the side that doesn't have them there. I'll be posting some more craftiness here, with pictures. My middle younger brother......I have three, one crappy sister and they're all younger then me.

the middle brother is in the Marines. Found out he's being shipped off again..........! Get that out there AGAIN. That the troops were coming home to stay. Anyway he's is coming home for a week before he leaves...again. So I'll mostly have some good pics to post there. And maybe some of the those other people I was ranting about. Well that all depends on if I'm mad at them or not. Childish yes, do I really care..... No I don't. Put up with it too long, and I'm going for the old happy-go-lucky thing. Well what do ya know, another little rant in there. 5 points of ya get it.

Logging offline, time limits.

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