Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From day to day!

I was babysitting last night. My sisters three kids, and yes they got on my nerves, but kids do that. Now after she came home everything was ok. They yelled for mommy and I stopped telling them not to throw toys, or fight. Now the rest of the night I was relaxing and played some video games. Now I didn't get but 4 hours sleep which is part of my problem today. The the problem today is that I feel like I have a really bad flu. My head hurts..(yes I know looking at a PC screen isn't good for me.)
My body aches and I'm nauseous, going through my own freezing and sweating bouts.

I hope this is just some thing that goes away tomorrow with sleep and some Advil. Meanwhile if I must be awake I'll just look up some crafty projects. I do have a couple in mind, and this will give me a chance to sit down and look up all the info on them. Something I tend not to go through everything in the beginning. Oh well.

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